30 June 2015 Wilma Mulder

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360 Stories and introductory days
Play 360 Stories for a relaxed introduction to your fellow students. If both teachers and students participate in the game, you’ll get to know each other in an equal way. A good foundation for mutual, respectful education!

Children gain a better understanding with 360 Stories
There’s a great need within the education system for accessible tools that help children establish a dialogue that can reduce bullying, loneliness and poor communication. Use 360 Stories during class and have a way of addressing otherwise embarrassing subjects.

Care to play 360 Stories in a guided session? We collaborate with teachers and other professionals that are specialized in creating a story driven engagement and experience. We are also working on a new version; 360 Stories is already enthusiastically played by older children, but we are working on a “Junior version” tailored for primary/elementary school ages. Contact us for more information!