360 Stories Cart

360 Verhalen was successfully launched in the Netherlands in October 2014. The English version ‘360 STORIES’ is avalaible from November 2015. Our office is in The Netherlands, and we ship from here. Usually shipment to the UK takes 2-4 workdays. You receive a track-and trace code in your mailbox, as well as your invoice. Please check your spambox if you don’t find a confirmation in your inbox!

  • Shipment to Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain and the UK: € 7,- for 1-6 games / € 12,50 for 7-12 games
  • Shipment to other EU countries: € 15,- for 1-6 games / € 22,50 for 7-12 games
  • Shipment to non EU countries in Europe: € 17,50 for 1-2 games / € 25,- for 3-6 games / € 35,- for 7-12 games
  • Shipment outside Europe: € 27,50 for 1-2 games / € 45,- for 3-6 games / € 70,- for 7- 12 games. (customs excluded)

Having trouble ordering or want to ask something? Please email us.


360 Stories RESELLER

We are looking for resellers that fit the 360 STORIES mindset. Think specialized bookshops, extraordinary lifestyle shops, specialized game-shops but also pubs, restaurants, hotels or stores within health centers.

One thing that is very important to us, is attention to the social and environmentally friendly aspect. We prefer resellers that excel in that area and we gladly support them with extra attention.

We pick our resellers with great care, and hope for a long and durable commitment to emerge.

If you are interested to become a 360 STORIES reseller, please contact us.