Community activity: ‘Look inside’

‘Look inside’ taps into the human interest of looking behind the door of our neighbours. We have the kind of curiousity that wants us to know more about the people we closely live with. Yet getting acquinted is not always easy. ‘Look inside’ is the concept for a community activity that invites people to visit people in their neighbourhood, share stories, food and drinks.

‘Look inside’ is hosted by people who open their kitchens and livingrooms for people from their neighbourhood. With a simple concept: sharing stories while playing the 360 STORIES boardgame, and sharing food & drinks, people visit eachother to have a good time and getter to know eachother. Guests are people from the neighbourhood, some may already know quite well, and it’s a relaxed way to meet others.

‘Look inside’ is the community activity that invites people to step over doorsteps and get to know eachother better. 

360 STORIES | ‘Look inside’ is an activity for communities that organize activities that connect people, We like to facilitate organizers with our flexible concept and provide the use of 360 STORIES boardgames and promotionmaterials. Are you interested? Please contact us.

PHOTO credits: Moran Cerf