26 June 2015 Wilma Mulder

The older you get, the more stories you have. When given the opportunity your grandparents or older neighbors can provide your with a unique look at history. 360 Stories is a beautiful aid to connect young and old, or to let seniors mingle with one another.

It can be very difficult to start a lively conversation among those in the last stages of their life even though there’s a wealth of stories to be shared. Let 360 Stories help you to recollect those special moments that defined that person’s life.

Supervisors, coaches and therapists can apply the 360 Stories game as a conversation starter. For that special occasion, the 360 Stories team can conjure up storytellers, poets or singers to add a special touch. Aside from that it’s possible to receive a lasting memory by means of a Storybook. Please contact us for all the possibilities.