23 April 2014 Wilma Mulder


An inspiring location, food and drinks coupled with a good story, nice music and good company, what a night out! Host a 360 Stories Story-night for your guests. Attendants don’t just share stories with their own friends, strangers are also welcome at every table. That way you’ll hear completely new stories and you can easily get acquainted with new people. A guarantee for a great evening!

The 360 Stories team will gladly host your story night. One of our hosts or hostesses will start a table conversation with the ‘special guests’ of the Story night. The subjects of the stories are determined by 360 Stories. Attendants get an unexpected image of the storytellers, and are invited to join in afterwards by playing 360 Stories at their own tables. Contact us for all the possibilities.


Family party, bachelor party, Christmas dinner or a New Year’s celebration with friends? Give your gathering a special touch by reliving old memories and sharing your dreams. Time will fly and you’re bound to hear stories you didn’t expect.

360 Stories has worked closely with several unique locations to offer special package deals. Celebrate your gathering in a castle or at a farm, enjoy delicious (organic) food and, if desired, let us compile a storybook of this event. More information? Contact us!