Jan Cornelis Terlouw (born 15 November 1931) is a Dutch author, scientist, and former politician.

Terlouw was born in Kamperveen, The Netherlands. He was the eldest son in his family, and has two brothers and two sisters. After high school, Terlouw studied at Utrecht University, where he obtained an MSc degree in mathematics and physics, and a PhD degree in nuclear physics.[citation needed]

After graduating from Utrecht University, he worked as a physics researcher in the Netherlands, the United States, and Sweden.[c

After working for thirteen years, he became a politician, joining the Dutch House of Representatives (the lower house of the Dutch legislature) as a member of the Democraten 66 political party in 1967. Terlouw acted as party leader from 1973–1982, was minister of Economic Affairs from 1981-1982, and was Queen’s Commissioner of Gelderland from 1991-1996, the year in which he retired. He joined the Dutch Senate in 1999.

Terlouw wrote 24 children’s books, most notably Winter in Wartime (Oorlogswinter, 1972) and How to Become King (Koning van Katoren, 1971), both of which won the Gouden Griffel and have been made into motion pictures directed by Martin Koolhoven.



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