Wilma Mulder

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The biggest problems in this world often have a common denominator. War and terror, exploitation and oppression, nearly irreversible environmental pollution but also discrimination, bullying, increasing loneliness among our citizens… All these heavy issues share a source of detachment and indifference. The world has been divided between “us” and “them” and we shrug our shoulders when confronted with the problems that don’t immediately concern us.

By playing 360 Stories, I don’t just hope that players have a good time, but that we’ll also gain some empathy, love and understanding for each other in an accessible way. Play 360 Stories, share our similarities and gain some more understanding about our differences. Change the world with each story told!

About me: I am a practical idealist, embrace the ‘ think global, act local ‘ principle. With my green heart and a background as a communication specialist I have worked on several projects in the sustainable and social sector. Since 2014 I focus on my Taleswapper Publishing House and  the international roll-out of the 360 Stories board game and the 360 Storycafés.

In addition, I’m engaged in the promotion of sustainable fashion through the Foundation Awearness Fashion that I founded together with my friend Jeannette Ooink.

Nice if we meet up!

Wilma Mulder + 31 (0) 6-13084465


One of my favorite films. Imagine that your love for your partner, family, family and friends can spread to love and understanding for people outside your ‘ inner circle ‘. Wouldn’t you well be on the way to a much nicer world?