Zu Hause

Zu Hause
30 June 2015 Wilma Mulder

Die Deutsche Übersetzung dieser Seite ist streckenweise noch im Aufbau. Wir bitten um Ihre Nachsicht.

A perfect board game at home
Funny anecdotes, emotional stories, tall tales or embarrassing confessions. Everyone’s got stories worth sharing. Play 360 Stories at home, with friends, your partner, your children, your parents of brothers and sisters. The only things you need are 360 Stories, a few drinks and a nice bite to eat. You’ll get to know each other better, hear stories you never heard before or had long forgotten about and you decide how “deep” you want to go. Perfect for dark winter evenings or long and sultry(???) summer evenings.

First date…
Getting to know someone is always exciting. Will you exchange small talk or will you truly have a conversation using 360 Stories? Fun fact: the very first version of 360 Stories was made to get to know a new date, so that’s how it all began.